US 70, Day 4: Ardmore, OK - Hot Springs, AR



This is going to be a bit shorter. It's late, and other than one Incident, not much happened today.

First, a short rant. As I mentioned, I stayed at a new Days Inn last night. Across the street was a motel advertising "American Owned and Operated". Gee, I wonder if that means a Pakistani who got his citizenship last week? Or maybe a third generation Mexican-American? Or maybe, it could be they don't have the nerve to post what it really means -- "White Owned and Operated". I won't stay at any such advertised motel. Listening, guys? Okay, end rant.

Out of Ardmore, it looks like a four-laning project got stuck halfway done. The roadbed for the reverse direction is all graded out, and the bridges are up, but there's no pavement. Weeds are growing through the graded dirt, so I think it's been that way for a while.

There's a nice long bridge over Lake Texoma, and another one just below the dam at Hugo Lake. There are also several old iron bridges along this route.

At Hugo, US 70 joins an extension of the Indian Nation Turnpike. It's free, and there's a sign where US 70 gets on saying "End Turnpike Maintenance". Idabel has a big four-lane bypass around it, and it's one of the few non-freeway segments signed at 70mph. Most are 65 or below.

Ah yes, the Incident. Right around Dierks, AR, I noticed a Howard County sheriff's deputy following me fairly closely. I've actually been sticking to the speed limit all along, particularly in settled areas. Small towns, out of state plates, y'know? So while he followed me I dutifully slowed to 25 in Dierks, and back up to 55 outside. Finally, he turned on his lights and pulled me over. They were allegedly doing random stops to check for drugs. I'm so clean I squeak, so after rummaging through the trunk, checking my license and insurance, and giving me the 3rd degree they finally let me go. Since I got off without a ticket or worse, I suppose I can consider it a victory. I don't think I was the only one being picked on -- I think I saw two other stopped cars previously. So keep this in mind if your future travel plans include SW Arkansas.

After that, I drove into Hot Springs. It was a bit early for stopping, but I wanted to see the Hot Springs National Park, and maybe sample a mineral bath myself. No motor court this time; I've gone back to the railroad generation. I'm at the Majestic Hotel. The first section was opened in 1902. I'm in the 1926 addition. Although it's not the mineral bath, the tub in the hotel room is no slouch either. It's a giant antique 5 1/2 foot tub. It's the first tub I've really been able to stretch out in (since I've been an adult). I got in after the spa closed today, so I'll try it out in the morning.

Today I drove 314 miles, for a total of 1671.

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