[AZ 85]

Current route: JCT I-10 near Buckeye to Mexican border at Lukeville
Historic route: Gila Bend to Lukeville (but see below)

This route has expanded and contracted over the years, to cover the decertification of US 80 and the construction of I-10. When US 80 was cut off at Benson, AZ 85 was extended to Phoenix. After I-10 was completed into Phoenix, the segment from Buckeye to Phoenix was decertified.

The mileposts from Buckeye to Gila Bend follows the old US 80 numbering. The mileposts from Gila Bend to Mexico follow the original AZ 85 numbering, but are numbered with 0 in Gila Bend. Most state highways are numbered from south to north or west to east.

When I-10 ended at Buckeye, the short segment connecting I-10 to AZ 85 was called SPUR AZ 85. It's now mainline AZ 85.

[AZ 85 mileage sign] [AZ 85 milepost]
These signs are along the old route of AZ 85 from Phoenix to Buckeye. Although the road is no longer a state highway, these ADOT signs are still there. It's not mentioned on the sign, but this was the preferred route to Los Angeles as well between 1972 (when I-10 reached Tonopah) and 1978 (when it was extended to Litchfield Rd.).

ADOT is currently widening the highway to 4 lanes divided between I-10 and I-8.

[Organ Pipe National Monument]
AZ 85 passes through Organ Pipe National Monument.

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Last updated on 9/4/2005