US 70 Day 5 Pictures

Now this is a bath tub. This is actually just the tub in my room at the Majestic Hotel -- the tub in the spa is even larger.

Lobby at the Majestic.

Outside the hotel. I stayed in the corner room on the right, third from the top.

The springs are owned by the government, as part of Hot Springs National Park.

One of the few uncapped springs. And yes, the water is really hot.

This old bathhouse is now the National Park visitor center.

Old hospital on top of the hill.

You don't have to go to one of the spas to get some of the water -- you can help yourself right here. (Note the US shield on the base.) You won't find many drinking fountains elsewhere serving 140°F water.

Although Arkansas normally mounts its traffic signals vertically, this horizonal assmebly is on US 70 in Hot Springs.

Old Arkansas River US 70 bridge at Little Rock. This is now Business US 70; mainline US 70 now follows I-30 over the river.

Very narrow lift bridge over the White River. A new high level fixed span is being constructed upstream. Is there really ship traffic along here?

From Little Rock to Raleigh, NC, US 70 is paralleled by I-40.

1949 Mississippi River bridge. It was built by the Arkansas and Memphis Bridge Commission -- all of Arkansas on one side, but just Memphis on the other. The bridge is now shared with I-55.

Tennesseein is Tennebelievin!

I went by Elvis' place, but he wasn't home.

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