US 70 Day 6 Pictures

North US 70? Good thing this was just a mistake, or I would have ended up in Chicago.

Tennessee has a lot of suffixed routes, and has the only remaining N and S suffixes.

Bridge over the Caney Fork.

The route over the Cumberland Mountains winds through heavy forest.

Rusty old rail line next to the highway.

Telling you that you're in a new timezone is a nice touch. However, it should say just "Eastern Time". It was actually Daylight Savings, not Standard time. Also visible is a Tennessee-style milepost. For non-Interstates, Tennessee uses these signs with reset at county lines. The small number is the state highway number. All US routes in Tennessee have a "secret" TN route number, though a single US route may have different TN route numbers along its length. US 70 is TN 1 here.

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