US 70 Day 7 Pictures

A new bridge is being built over the French Broad River to replace the old US 25/70 bridge. The bridge in the background is I-40.

Another goof. This is where US 25W (to the right) and US 25E (behind us) merge back into US 25 (to the left). There's no regular US 25 going north here.

Unfortunately this picture didn't come out well. It's an antique 4-way traffic light. Like in many small Tennessee towns, the intersection is numbered with a small tag under the light.

Just one more state!

The drive through the Smoky Mountains is very prety.

Where a town has been bypassed, NC signs the through-town route as Business, and the bypass as By-Pass. This is the only state that doesn't have a continuous regular US 70. The other states left either the bypass or the through-town route unqualified.

Tunnel in Asheville.

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