US 70 Day 15 Pictures

Old US 66 Federal Aid Primary marker (contrast enhanced).

A cousin to Zzyzx Rd. on I-15 in California?

Old US 66 bridge in western New Mexico.

Here's the often-requested photo of an intersection on an interstate. Despite the TEMPORARY disclaimer, these have been here a long time.

Continental Divide.

Although it was banished from Arizona, US 666 still gets as far as Gallup, NM.

BNSF bridge over Canyon Diablo, AZ.

I-40 crossing of Canyon Diablo. The bridge in the foreground was built in 1964. The reverse direction wasn't built until 1975.

The original US 66 bridge over Canyon Diablo.

Canyon Diablo is also the site of the Two Guns ghost town. At one time a rowdy Old West town, it turned into a tourist trap during the Route 66 heyday.

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