[US 180]

Current route in Arizona: NM border near Alpine to JCT AZ 64 at Valle
Length: 288 mi
Established: 1961
Current route nationally: JCT I-20 near Ft. Worth, TX to JCT AZ 64 at Valle, AZ
Historical route: Duncan to Florence Jct. (current US 70)
Existed: 1927-1935

Junctions: AZ 64, AZ 89A, US 89, I-40, AZ 77, AZ 180A, AZ 61, US 191, US 60, AZ 260

[Elevation 8046] [San Francisco Peaks]
US 180 skirts the San Francisco Peaks on its way to the Grand Canyon.

[US 180 END]
Although the ADOT map and highway log indicates this highway goes to the Grand Canyon National Park boundary, there is an END sign where it meets AZ 64.

The multiplex with I-40 isn't well marked. Although there are reassurance markers along with most of the I-40 signs, there are no references to US 180 on intersecting roads, nor are there signs directing you eastbound through Flagstaff. If you're going east, US 180 seems to vanish at Business I-40.

[Petrified Forest Natl Park] [Petrified wood]
US 180 serves the south entrance to the Petrified Forest National Park. If you're traveling I-40, you can use US 180 to go through the park without backtracking.

US 180 was replaced by US 70 in 1936. The number was reestablished when it replaced US 260 on it's route from Alpine to Holbrook in 1961. In 1963 it was extended along US 66/I-40 to Flagstaff, then replaced AZ 164 to Valle. It then joined with AZ 64 the rest of the way to the Grand Canyon.

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Last updated 4/1/2001