US Highways

[Color US signs]
In the early 1950s, Arizona experimented with color US signs. By the late 1950s the state had switched to the standard black-on-white shields. This assembly was in Tucson. (Photo courtesy of James H. Lindsay).

Arizona has seen quite a few of its US routes decommissioned since the rise of the Interstate systems. At one time Phoenix had four US highways running through it; now there is just one.

Routes that were on Arizona's original 1927 highway plan are marked with a *

US 60* US 64 US 70* US 89* US 89A US 93
US 95 US 160 US 163 US 180 US 191

Defunct Routes

US 66* US 80* US 91* US 164 US 260* US 466 US 666

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Last updated 1/1/2001