[US 60]

Current route in Arizona: NM line near Eager to JCT I-10 near Quartzsite
Length: 369 mi
Established: 1927
Historical route in Arizona: NM line near Eagar to CA line near Ehrenberg

Current route nationally:Virginia Beach, VA to JCT I-10 near Quartzsite, AZ
Historical route nationally: Virginia Beach, VA to Los Angeles, CA

Junctions:I-10, AZ 72, AZ 71, US 93, AZ 74, AZ 101, I-17, I-10, I-17, I-10, AZ 101, AZ 87, AZ 88, AZ 79, AZ 177, AZ 88, AZ 77, US 70, AZ 73, AZ 260, AZ 61, US 180, US 191

Like most of the long east-west US routes, US 60 was cut short of its final destination by an Interstate. Other than the part replaced by I-10 in far western Arizona, US 60 remains basically the same as it always was. The only other major change was moving it from its "through town" routing in the metro Phoenix area to the old AZ 360, I-10, and I-17.

[US 60 Superstition Freeway sign]
US 60 took over AZ 360 on the Superstition Freeway.

There was a TRUCK US 60 in Globe from 1966-77, to avoid a low railroad underpass. The main route was moved to a new viaduct over the railroad in 1977, and the truck route and original route were decertified.

[Pinto Creek Bridge] [Pinto Creek Award Plaque]
The award-winning Pinto Creek Bridge.

[Claypool Tunnel] [Queen Creek Tunnel]
The 1926 Claypool Tunnel was bypassed in 1952 by the Queen Creek Tunnel.

[The Ladder]
West of the tunnels, the winding "Ladder" was replaced by a straighter route and an arch bridge. In the mid-90s, some touch-up work was done, removing overhangs, stabilizing slide areas, and adding a runaway truck ramp.

[Salt River Canyon] [Salt River Bridges]
It's a wild ride to the bottom of Salt River Canyon. Pray you don't get behind a slow truck. The old bridge was replaced by the wider new one in the late 90s.

[Odometer Test] [END -- Mile 10]
This used to be a speedometer test. Before the national 55mph speed limit, the speed limit here was 60mph, so each mile would take exactly one minute, and all 10 miles would take exactly 10 minutes. The speed limit here is now 65mph. The green milepost markers would seem to make this obsolete, but somebody at ADOT likes it. These signs were last replaced in 1995. It's located between Phoenix and Wickenburg.

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Superstition Freeway
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171A [I-10] [US 60] WEST
171B [I-10] EAST
[I-10] WEST
172 Priest Dr
173 Mill Ave
Ariz State Univ
Mill Ave
Downtown Tempe
Ariz State Univ
174 Rural Rd Rural Rd
175 McClintock Dr McClintock Dr
176A [AZ 101] SOUTH [AZ 101] SOUTH
176B [AZ 101] NORTH [AZ 101] NORTH
177 Dobson Rd
Mesa Community
Dobson Rd
Mesa Community
178 Alma School Rd Alma School Rd
179 [AZ 87]
Country Club Dr
Downtown Mesa
[AZ 87]
Country Club Dr
Downtown Mesa
180 Mesa Dr Mesa Dr
181 Stapley Dr Stapley Dr
182 Gilbert Rd
Gilbert Rd
184 Val Vista Dr Val Vista Dr
185 Greenfield Rd
Mesa Falcon Field
Greenfield Rd
Mesa Falcon Field
186 Higley Rd Higley Rd
187 Superstition Springs Blvd
188 Power Rd Power Rd
Williams Gateway Airport Williams Gateway Airport
189 Sossaman Rd
190A [AZ 202] NORTH [AZ 202] NORTH
190B [AZ 202] SOUTH [AZ 202] SOUTH
191 Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek
Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek
192 Crismon Rd Crismon Rd
193 Signal Butte Rd Signal Butte Rd
194 Pinal / Maricopa County Line
195 Ironwood Dr Ironwood Dr
196 [AZ 88] EAST
Idaho Rd
[AZ 88] EAST
Idaho Rd
Salt River Lakes
Roosevelt Dam
via Apache Trail
Salt River Lakes
Roosevelt Dam
via Apache Trail
197 Tomahawk Rd Tomahawk Rd
198 Goldfield Rd Goldfield Rd
199 Freeway Ends
Divided Highway Continues
Old West Hwy
Apache Jct

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