Wrong Way!!

A lot of unusual, funny, or just plain wrong signs and roads.


[Jct 69 anozirA]
Welcome to anozirA! (I-17 south of AZ 169)

Something missing, Part II

[Not BL-10] [Not US 89/AZ 93]
Business I-10 no longer exists on Van Buren; US 89/AZ 93 aren't on Grand Ave any more (note the screw holes -- at least they centered the US 60 shield -- it had been on the left). (Phoenix)

[Blank sign]
The cloverleaf ramp that used to go to North I-17 is gone, but the sign lives on -- sort of. I won't mention the fact that despite the control city, you're already at least 5 miles inside Phoenix at this point. (Deer Valley Rd. & I-17, Phoenix)

[South I-17 blue] [South I-17 green]
One of these pictures has been doctored. Unfortunately, it's the green one. Arizona has started using the one-piece assemblies at interchanges, but is coloring them blue. Their argument is that individual SOUTH, I-17, and arrow plates would be blue. I don't buy it -- guide signs should be green. Which do you prefer?

[Adopt-a-Highway -- Wild Women of the West]
Yeehaw! (I-17 & AZ 74)

[Really dead end]
At the Sunset Point interchange on I-17, there's a very short frontage road paralleling the east side. The south end of it connects to a dirt ranch road, but the north end just stops in the weeds. This may have been part of old AZ 69.

[BMS A.D.O.T 26]
I have no idea what this is. There's a small 26 in the lower left. It's next to a milepost on AZ 89A (old US 89A) south of Jerome.

[North I-10] [East I-17]
Repeat after me: Even interstates go east-west; odd interstates go north-south. (Sky Harbor Center, Phoenix; Central Ave., Phoenix)

[US 1 bridge missing a piece]
The Evil Knievel Highway? No, it's an old alignment of US 1 in the Florida Keys. The new highway is off to the left.
[US 1 trestle bridge]
Here's a longer view. This stretch was built on top of an old railroad trestle.

[Arizona Road Trip lottery ticket]
Don't use this lottery ticket to plan your next roadtrip. There's no such thing as AZ 60 -- they've mislabeled US 60. Don'tcha hate that? Also, although it doesn't show I-15, it does show the remote Mt. Trumbal Road in the northwest.

[Deer] [Elk]
In addition to the conventional "Watch for Deer" signs, Arizona also has the more aggressive "Watch for Elk" signs. Look at the rack on that guy!

Here's a couple I got on my vacation to Cape Cod. Not Arizona, but interesting nonetheless.

[Old Mass. US 6]
A cutout US 6 marker along an old alignment on Cape Cod. The hand-drawn arrow points to the current alignment.

[I-93 Charles River Bridge]
Watch that first step! Ghost ramps off I-93 in Boston, to the former loop ramps to US 1. This double-decker monstrosity over the Charles River will be demolished and replaced with a cable-stayed "harp" bridge as part of the Big Dig project.

[Silly Mtn Road]
No kidding. (Off US 60 east of Apache Jct)

[Orphaned US89A marker]
ADOT is pretty good about removing obsolete markers, but sometimes they miss. This is now AZ 89A. The marker on the reverse of this assembly has the correct shape. (Flagstaff)
[US 89A not recommended for heavy trucks]
This isn't US 89A either. It's not even AZ 89A. AZ 89A was multiplexed with I-17 for the last few miles into Flagstaff, but US 89A was not. (Flagstaff)


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Last updated 10/14/1998