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[Rail separation]
Back to the North Island for a few more pictures. Here's an old railroad crossing.

[SH 5]
A Begins sign for SH 5. The other symbol is for the Thermal Explorer Highway.

Speaking of thermal, steam from geysers can make a visibility problem.

[Open Road]
Although for the most part New Zealand has excellent signage, there are few old ones that are hard to figure out. This one means "open road", meaning a speed limit of 100km/h. Newer signs just say "100".

So what speed limit is this? It means "limited speed zone". Technically it means 50km/h "where any of these makes a higher speed unsafe -- bad weather, poor visibility, presence of children, pedestrians, cyclists, heavy traffic, or slippery road surfaces." Otherwise, the open road limit (100km/h) applies. This rather ambiguous standard is being replaced by hard speed limits.

[Mitsubishi Lancer]
I had three cars on the trip (North Island, South Island, North Island). The first two were white Mitsubishi Lancers, right-hand drive of course. I did have trouble remembering which side to get in.

[Mitsubishi Lancer]
Here's a view of the dash.

[Mitsubishi Lancer]
And a view of the front.

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