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[Otira Viaduct]
The Otira Viaduct opened in 1999, replacing a hair-raising narrow road threaded through a rockslide and avalanche area. The lower zig-zag line is the old highway.

[Otira Viaduct]
The high viaduct bypasses the slide areas.

[Old Otira road]
The old road, crossing the center of the picture, is already eroding away.

Candy's Bend
Past the viaduct, another bad section was Candy's Bend. This was a one-lane road carved out of the cliff, and subject to frequent rock slide and avalanches. A second lane was cantilevered out of the cliffside. A chute was built for Reid Falls, and a large slide shed was built. The shed has a padded roof to absorb the impact of boulders. The project was completed in June 2001, just 4 months before this was taken. Transit NZ has a nice project brochure (Adobe Acrobat file) describing it.

[Roundabout RR Xing]
Yes, this really is a rail line bisecting a roundabout, at the junction of SH 73 and SH 6. Fortunately this line has little train traffic.

[Road/Rail bridge]
It gets even better. SH 6 shares several bridges with the rail line.

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