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[Toyoto Corolla
The third car was a Toyota Corolla.

Avis thoughtfully put a KEEP LEFT arrow on the dash of all of the cars.

[Old License]
The current license plate is black-on-white, but I did see a few old white-on-black plates.

That's the end of the road and highway pictures. I have some general infrastructure pictures as well.

[Cardiac Marker 4]
This on the water near Auckland. I think it's some sort of navigational or surveying marker, but I can't find any details. The only hits I get for "Cardiac Marker" are for heart disease.

Like England, New Zealand has a lot of old public restrooms. This one in Ponsonby dates to the 1910s.

[Super Loo]
Much newer is Taupo's Super Loo!

It's not often you get to visit an award-winning bathroom. In addition to toilets, the Super Loo also has showers.

[Doesn't turn clockwise]
Speaking of toilets, it's an urban legend that the water drains counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Most of the toilets don't spin at all, it just goes down in a rush.

[Vacuum breaker]
One interesting thing about travelling abroad is the crazy plumbing you encounter. In the US, all fixtures have a vent pipe in the wall behind them that goes up to the roof. NZ doesn't seem to believe in this, so many are unvented. A lot of the sinks "gargled" while draining. To keep the toilet from doing this, a vacuum breaker allows air into the pipe.

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