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Crosswinds warning sign.

[Narrow Bridge]
Narrow 1938 Whirokino Bridge over the Manawatu River flood spillway with parallel bike path.

[Direction sign]
Direction sign in the capital city of Wellington. Most urban direction signs are blue like this. The arrow in the foreground is a "Keep Left" sign.

[Lynx Ferry]
There's a break in SH 1 between Wellington and Picton. As far as I know, there's not been a serious proposal to build a bridge across the turbulent Cook Strait that separates the North and South Islands. The Interislander and Lynx ferries provide service. This is the faster Lynx, which makes the crossing in 135 minutes. Both services carry cars, and the Interislander even carries railroad cars. However, the rental car agencies don't allow taking cars between the island. Instead, you check your car in and pick up another on the other end. This is much cheaper than paying the car fare anyway.

[One lane bridge]
The first of many one-lane bridges I encountered on the South Island. This SH 1 bridge hangs underneath a rail bridge. The signs indicate that this direction must give way to cars coming the other direction. The side with better visibility usually is the one to give way.

[Lane arrows]
Direction arrows. I don't know if they're here to remind forgetful tourists, or to indicate that this is a two-way road rather than two one-way lanes. Both would use a white dashed line.

[SH 1]
Standard reassurance marker. It's about waist-high.

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