[Road Work]

Created pages for proposed freeways AZ 801 and AZ 802. Added pictures and information to AZ 78, AZ 266, AZ 366 and US 191.

With AZ 266, I've completed driving the entire Arizona state highway system!

Updated exit lists for I-10 and I-19 to reflect decertified business loops and construction. Added pictures and information to AZ 86, AZ 286, AZ 386, AZ 289, AZ 170, and US 80.

Hey, I'm finally back! Updated exit list for AZ 202 at long last. Minor updates on US 60, AZ 81, AZ 84, I-10

Updated exit lists for US 60, AZ 101, and AZ 202. Added pictures to the main Arizona page, AZ 84, AZ 85, US 89, and the Wrong Way gallery. Updated info for decertification of AZ 89L.

Updated the exit list for I-10 to show revised speed limits and the renaming of 115th Ave to Avondale Blvd.

Updated the exit list for AZ 51 and I-10 to reflect AZ 51's new numbering and the HOV exit on I-10.

Added AZ 48. Added pictures to US 91, AZ 67, AZ 389, and I-15.

Updated I-10 exit list to show new Verrado Way and Wild Horse Pass Blvd. Updated I-17 exit list for new Daisy Mountain Rd. and renumbering of exits around AZ 101. Added information to AZ 69 on its original route out of Phoenix.

Added exit list to AZ 202 for the Santan Freeway, and added the exits to the Santan from AZ 101 and I-10.

Updated the exit list for I-10.

Updated the exit list for AZ 101 to show the opening of the AZ 51 and Hayden Rd. exits. Updated US 666 to note its decertification outside Arizona.

Updated AZ 51 to reflect the opening of the final segment. Touched up exit lists for US 60, I-10, I-17, and I-40. Added a picture to the Wrong Way gallery.

Changed Squaw Peak Parkway to Piestewa Freeway. Fixed junction list on I-10 and cleaned up the HTML.

Added new route AZ 195.

Updated AZ 93 with information and pictures of an abandoned alignment near Kingman. Added information on an old route for AZ 74.

Updated AZ 202 to reflect the new segment to Higley Rd. Also, the speed limit on the Superstition Freeway (US 60) is now 65mph throughout.

Made a few minor changes to the exit lists for I-10 and I-17. Added pictures to I-10, AZ 277, and AZ 377

Added HOV exits to the exit lists for I-10, US 60, and AZ 202.

Now open is Motoring in New Zealand, a gallery of pictures I took on my trip there in October 2001.

Added AZ 989. Added more information about Colorado bridges to US 66. Added pictures to AZ 80, AZ 90, I-19, Urban Freeways, and the Papago Freeway. I also updated more pages to HTML 4.01 and replaced some pictures with better scans.

Updated exit list for I-10 to reflect closing of St. Marys exit, and closing of unmarked exit 300. Updated I-19 with revised Valencia exit. Updated AZ 101 to take back the Hayden Rd. exit. Sorry, but Scottsdale hasn't finished the connecting road to it. When that's done, it'll open.

I made another trip to archives, and updated the Maricopa Freeway, AZ 99, AZ 101, AZ 280, AZ 380, AZ 487, US 191, US 666, I-10.

Added a page for the Maricopa Freeway, and updated AZ 202 to reflect the new markers. Also added an old, high clearance sign to the Wrong Way gallery.

Added a picture to US 93 and updated the exit list for I-15 to add speed limits. I've also converted US 93 and I-15 to HTML 4.01. This may cause problems with defective browsers.

Added pictures to I-8, US 80, AZ 85, and AZ 93.

Updated routing for AZ 88 and AZ 188. Updated exit lists to reflect new Pecos Rd ramp on I-10 and new Gilbert Rd leg on AZ 202.

Updated I-8, I-410, US 80, AZ 84, and the Wrong Way gallery.

Updated AZ 101, AZ 202, AZ 51, US 60, I-10, and I-17 exit lists to reflect new urban 65 MPH speed limits.

Added pictures of the bad signage at Buckeye Rd & I-10 to the Wrong Way gallery.

Finally updated AZ 101's exit list. Also updated AZ 69, AZ 89A, AZ 92, I-17, and the Wrong Way gallery.

Added pictures to the Wrong Way gallery and added some links to the links page.

Added 1950 map to the Urban Freeways page, and pictures to the Black Canyon Highway and AZ 79.

Added a scan of a 1935 state map, and updated AZ 61, AZ 69, AZ 71, AZ 81, AZ 789 US 180, and US 466.

Lots more photos and historical information. Pages updated are AZ 93, AZ 217, AZ 347, I-10, US 93, US 95, the Wrong Way gallery, and the Urban Freeways page.

Added a scan of the Rand McNalley 1927 atlas for Arizona.

Added scan of map for 1971. Also added more historical information to US and Arizona routes.

Updated exit lists for I-10, I-17, and AZ 101 to reflect west valley leg of AZ 101 and resigning on I-10 and I-17. AZ 101 south of Guadalupe is coming soon.

I've begun added dates that highways were established/decommissioned to many pages.

At long last the US 70 trip is done.

Yes, I'm still working on the US 70 travelogue. 8/28 is now posted. I've also added photos from the trip to the Wrong Way gallery.

Added another day to the US 70 travelogue. The I-40 exit list is now complete!

Added two more days to the US 70 travelogue.

Moved to new hosting service. If you can read this, you're there! Now using just www.arizonaroads.com. The old address will go away eventually.

Posted first part of US 70 travelogue. Added picture to AZ 75.

Add a new Historic Maps section, with scans of 1938 and 1961 maps.

Updated the links page at last. Updated AZ 93 and AZ 587.

I made a visit to the archives, and got some new information. Updated AZ 62, AZ 76, AZ 164, AZ 789, US 60, US 80, US 666. Added AZ 176.

Added pictures of a sign for "Mobil", Arizona in the Wrong Way gallery.

Added two new pictures to the Wrong Way gallery.

Started a new Wrong Way gallery with a new picture. The old pages are still available.

Added an old photo to AZ 63, and the main Arizona Routes page. Updated commentary for AZ 170. Minor fixes to various pages.

Updated the exit list and added pictures to AZ 101. Added pictures to AZ 51, Squaw Peak Parkway and the Wrong Way gallery.

Added pictures to the Wrong Way gallery. Updated the exit list for AZ 101 and the proposed route for AZ 303. Cleaned up the HTML on a lot of pages. This site can now be reached via http://www.arizonaroads.com!

Added pictures to AZ 89 and the Wrong Way gallery. Updated I-40 commentary and exit list.

Corrected I-10 exit list.

Updates from a trip around Four Corners. Added pictures to AZ 98, AZ 564, US 66, US 64, US 89, US 160, US 163, US 180, US 191, and the Wrong Way gallery. Added route AZ 89L. Updated exit lists for I-17 and I-40. Updated commentary for US 80 and US 466.

Added pictures to I-40, AZ 68, AZ 95, US 60, US 66, US 93, and the Wrong Way gallery. There's also an exit list for US 93. Updated AZ 101 and AZ 202 to reflect the completion of the interchange between them.

Added Black Canyon and Squaw Peak urban pages. Added AZ 380. Updated AZ 487 and I-710.

At last, the Urban Freeways page is being built. It's going as slow as the real thing. In addition to the main page, there's a page on the Papago Freeway. Also new are pages for AZ 172 and AZ 364. The main Arizona page has been updated, as has AZ 64 and AZ 166. Added a picture to I-15. Also fixed some broken links and other bugs on various pages.

Added a picture to Wrong Way.

Added pictures to Wrong Way and AZ 89.

AZ 51 extended to Bell Road.

Added pictures to AZ 181, AZ 186, AZ 80, US 80, and the Wrong Way page. Updated commentary for US 191, and added a picture to I-10 and finished the exit list.

Updated AZ 101 to reflect the opening of the McDonald Dr. to 90th St. segment.

Added pictures to AZ 61, AZ 73, AZ 78, AZ 80, AZ 81, AZ 90, AZ 180A, AZ 261, AZ 273, AZ 373, AZ 473, US 60, US 191, and the Wrong Way page. Revised routing for AZ 261 and AZ 273.

Added pictures to AZ 80, AZ 82, AZ 83, AZ 86, AZ 92, AZ 280, US 80, US 95, and I-8. Added pictures and exit list to I-19 and AZ 210. Extended I-10 exit list.

Added pictures to AZ 66, AZ 68, US 93, US 95, I-10, and I-40. Added exit list to I-8, and updated the I-10 list.

Added attraction links to I-17 and I-40.

Added pictures to AZ 187, AZ 287, AZ 387, AZ 64, AZ 84, US 66, US 180, I-17, I-40, and the Wrong Way gallery. Added exit lists to I-10, I-17, and I-40.

Added exit list to AZ 101, and updated exit list for US 60. All ramps at the AZ 101/US 60 interchange are now open.

Added exit lists to AZ 143, AZ 153, and AZ 202.

Added exit list to AZ 51, and updated exit list for US 60.

Added pictures to AZ 88, AZ 188, and AZ 288. Added exit lists to I-15 and US 60. Updated route for AZ 101.

Made corrections to junction lists and routing to I-8, US 93, AZ 86, and AZ 280.

Added pictures to I-19, AZ 82, AZ 289. Added picture and corrected route for AZ 189. Added pictures to the Wrong Way gallery.

Added pictures to US 60, US 70, AZ 170, AZ 177, and the Wrong Way page.

Added pictures to US 95, AZ 95, and AZ 72. Created a new Wrong Way page. The others are still available.

The Urban Freeways page is now online.

Added a bunch more pictures to Wrong Way.

Added AZ 487.

More pictures in Wrong Way, US 89A, and AZ 89A. More information added to AZ 179 and AZ 74.

Added historical information on AZ 81. Added details for new Colorado River crossing for US 93. Added junction lists for active US and Interstate routes. Added photos of an unusual bridge on US 1 in the Florida Keys to Wrong Way.

Changed route for AZ 202 to reflect the opening of the McKellips-Country Club segment.

Added picture to Wrong Way.

More pictures -- AZ 166, AZ 188, AZ 260, AZ 87, AZ 99, I-40, US 66. More notes on I-19's metric signage. More pictures in the Wrong Way gallery.

Added AZ 64 photo. Finished adding graphic route marker for all pages without photos. Did some housecleaning, fixing ALT tags and spelling (no more Hover Dam, floating there in mid-air).

Added decorative route markers to the US and Interstate pages that don't have photos (markers from James Lin's Highway Markers site). Added photo to US 160.

Added AZ 76.

Pictures and more pictures -- AZ 217, AZ 79, AZ 287, AZ 77, AZ 88, AZ 264, I-19, I-40, US 66, US 89, US 180. Started a new Wrong Way page, and moved the old pictures to an archive page. Added book and magazine references to the links page.

Added AZ 170, and changed AZ 52 to AZ 50. Added mileage to USand Interstate routes, and kilometerage to I-19. Added Business Loop information to Interstate pages. Added more links to Exit page.

Route marker pictures for AZ 84, AZ 287, AZ 85, AZ 286, AZ 386, AZ 83, I-8, I-10, and bridge pictures for US 80. Also added route information for AZ 210, and metric signs for I-19. Added more pictures to Wrong Way page.

Updated route for AZ 101 to reflect newly opened Scottsdale segment.

Added map to I-410 page.

Updated I-15. Added links to external sites and corrected spelling on many pages.

Added AZ 288 and US 164.

Dressed up the main page, and added pictures to AZ 143, 153, 202, 238, 347, 51, 587; US 60, 66, 666. Updated the Wrong Way page. Corrected AZ 95 route information.

Major reorganization of site, with updates to most of the pages.

First draft of Arizona Roads posted

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